And today we have . . . nothing! Well, not entirely nothing. There's the exciting look-behind-the-scenes moment right here, when you see the banner I had for last week, but dumped, but decided belonged on a good picnic day:


That's a cover from Better Homes and Gardens - "better" modifies both, in case you were wondering whether ordinary run-of-the-mill gardens were included. Not that there were a lot of gardens in the magazine at all. Houses and rooms and food galore, but not a lot of planting tips.

It's an interesting arrangement: everyone just sat in a row and stared at the enormous colored balls Mother had spent the morning tying on the tree.

And the table-bence is a about two feet off the ground.

It's not the kids' table; mother would never trust the little hands with those glasses.

It still has the look of a devotional painting, though. At least after I got done cropping and adjusting.

There's also something below the fold. Here's the deal - Monday is a holiday, yes, but we're having people over in the evening (I think; everything's up in the air) and I have a column to write as well, so I'm going to write tomorrow's stuff tonight, so there will be something Tuesday morning when life is back to normal and the summer's truly begun.

By the way, it was 57 on Sunday.







This is where "Black and White World" usually goes. Obviously this is not that. It's a scene from "Top Banana," shot in eye-popping color. It is also a filmed version of a stage play.



And by "filmed version of a stage play," I mean . . .



You can see the stage. That's the edge at the bottom. It's supposedly a spoof of Milton Berle, being an account of a racous egomanical comic doing a TV show. Lots of fast-talking and peculiar assemblages of words into statements that we are told are "jokes," but nothing's particularly funny. The draggy, desperate feel comes in part from the length of the takes - they just turned on the camera and let everyone do the play, and you realize "hey, it's been 15 minutes since the camera changed position."

Then there are variety acts.



God help you should you see that on the big screen coming at you. Horrible, horrible things. Phil sells it all as hard as he can, as is his wont, but there are things like Funny Hats:



. . . that turn out to go with his Funny Clothes.



It's a trial, it is.

So there. That's it for this vacation day. At least I'm giving you matchbooks - there's some stories and information any sensible web guy would put in his post to make it look longer, but that's not how we go things around here.

Have a grand holiday; feel free to describe your planned feastal items in the comments.




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