Warning! Home-produced music here. I think you know what that means. Lower your expectations accordingly.

There are three segments here: work, personal work, and peculiar assemblages of Star Trek clips with loops from an old Apple program called Soundtrack.


When I went into newspapers it never occurred to me I’d write jingles some day, let along music beds for videos I shot and edited. But I am a lucky man, and that’s what happened. For a few years the paper needed a jingle here and there, and not everything I did made the cut. For my own videos I was free to score as I pleased.




The Fair, 2010. Soundtrack for a work video wrapping up the Minnesota State Fair. The video can be seen here, if you like.



The Fair, 2007. Same venue, same subject, but an earlier attempt at that "bittersweet end of summer" mood. Video is here.



Who Are They? Jingle for a promo at the newspaper introducing the new columnists. At the end I spell out their names - Tevlin, Rosenblum - then the music says "Star Tribune dot com."


Sports Show intro. Any chance I can get to play the guitar for work, I'll take. It's supposed to be mock-Rocky-like.