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Friday, Feb. 06: Alert Shado | The Bleat.



I stepped outside at 9:38 PM Thursday night to have a small cigar, and saw a UFO.

I should make my position clear: I’ve always believed in the possibility of UFOs, but I’ve never believed in anyone who believed in UFOs. I’ve never seen anything that constituted anything close to proof, and never been dissuaded that there isn’t something out there. On the other hand, you can hem and haw and qualify all you like –  in the end you know where you stand. If someone showed up tomorrow and shouted ATHEISTS, TO THE LEFT! DEISTS AND ABOVE, TO THE RIGHT! you know where you’d go. (If he had a gun, or a court order, that is.)  Likewise the question of life on other planets. I don’t think we’re alone, but it’s one of those items you file under Unknowable Things That Are Irrelevant Until They’re Not.

Life elsewhere is one issue; life that gets off the rock and goes elsewhere is another. One of the snarky objections that annoys me: Why would they care about us? Lowly smelly violent apes. I don’t know. Maybe they never knew they had the capacity to appreciate beauty until they got out of their neighborhood, and once they saw what other rocks were up to, well, they were changed. Earth would be crack to these guys. Music. So much music, pouring out of this green globe without effort. They couldn’t stay away. 

There’s not an argument against it that doesn’t sound like hubris; there’s not an argument for it that doesn’t sound like wishful thinking. 


Anyway: All my life I’ve wanted to see an unexplained light in the sky. I would have preferred the classic hovering cigar-shape moving at a slow rate of speed before it zipped off in another direction, but you can’t have everything. For that matter I’d prefer the “Close Encounters” mothership appearing behind the water tower, because that would certainly give us all something to talk about besides the economy. Then again, probably not; “Giant spacecraft lands, releases abductees; state weighs $1.2 million emergency bill for housing, retraining.” 

SHUTUP you say. WHAT DID YOU SEE? Well, I’m used to lights overhead, because we’re under the approach to the airport. One by one, day after day, the great planes descend over Jasperwood. I’m used to private planes, low-slow cargo planes, hella loud transports. The sky is always busy. 

This was a bright point of light, fairly low in the sky, and it moved from east to west in a straight line  – it jiggled up and down a bit, but it was east to west, not angled.  It drew a white line, took less than a second to travel halfway across the sky, and vanished.

I thought: wow. 

I blinked and thought again: wow. 

So what was it? Meteorite? Again, straight line across, not angled down. Plane? Too fast – unless it was very close, like two blocks away, and turned its lights on and off. But I would have heard it; I hear the planes sometimes before I see them. I just don’t know. If I saw it on YouTube I wouldn’t believe it; I’d think someone had waved a penlight flash, nothing more. The telltale jiggles show it was the work of a human hand. (The Telltale Jiggles are playing at First Avenue this weekend, by the way.) 

But it wasn’t that. I know what I saw, and I know where I saw it. Up there. Impossibly fast. Here, then there, then gone. I’d say meteor, no prob, but it was parallel to the earth, and that’s one hell of an approach angle. I suppose the jiggle could be explained by atmospheric light scattering, and yes, I just sort of made that up. 

What an unfulfilling experience. No answers, nothing conclusive – just a tantalizing moment that doesn’t plug into anything you know, but winks at things you suspect. I keep looking outside, knowing I won’t see it, but wishing I could. I suppose it’s like hearing a strange chord out of nowhere – silence is never quite the same again for a long time.

And I was worried about what I’d write for my Sunday column. 

Today: 100 mysteries, and a pizza-centric entry in Friday Fargo / Google Street views. Early meetings and other botherations will interfere with buzz.mn, but I’m just following my employer’s priorities. See you soon, here or there. 

Ever seen one yourself? As if I have to prime the comment-pump. ;)

And I cannot resist this. 


160 Responses to Friday, Feb. 06: Alert Shado

  1. Shaky Barnes says:

    OMG, Lileks didn’t have a new post today! Do you suppose the Men in Black got him? Was he abducted and anal-probed??

  2. Lileks says:

    I’m reading them all! This is the epic thread of the new Bleat Comments-feature-thing.

  3. Otis says:

    …just another rememberance of two other saucer “events”…

    While driving home late one Summer night back in good ol’ MN (yes Dave, i grew up in and around the mpls/spl area for 27 years of my 56 yr life) after closing up the pizza joint I managed in 1971, I was only about a mile from home on that partial moonlit night when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. So I slowed down quickly and looked over to my right to see what it was.

    To my shock and amazement there were two cables hanging down to the power lines alongside the road and coming from some sort of craft about 30 ft above. I quickly turned off my lights and engine and silently rolled to a stop about 75 yards down the road. Then I leaned across the seat and with my heart pounding I peaked a look at it just below my car’s roof edge. Spooked to see the craft just hovering there, I took a deep breath and quietly opened my door so I could step out.

    Not sure what to expect I carefully got out of the car and stooped a bit until I could peak over the top of the roof of my car and take a good look. I studied it for maybe 15 seconds or so before I saw the cables being retracted upwards. The craft was very similar to the one I had seen with my 11 friends two or three years before, but it really seemed odd about the cables hanging down and being attached to the power lines. Realizing this was a pretty desolate road at that hour, I silently got back into my car again.

    Anyway, I was so freaked out by what I saw, I started my car and slammed it into Drive as I sped off down the road to my place. As I was leaving I could still see the object hovering over the lines in my rear-view mirror, which was something of a relief.

    When I got home I was shaking and still pretty shook up as my roomies commented that I was white as a ghost. I couldn’t talk for a few moments as I slowly began to calm down. Once I explained to them what I saw I took the usual UFO ribbing and then that was followed by their obvious envy about my event. Even now I still get worked up when recalling the experience.

    The other intriguing ET experience is more of a dream-like experience I had, though it is not unlike similar ones I experienced in my early child-hood. This one is interesting since it involves the Nordics that some people also tell about.

    During this experience I may or may not have made direct contact with an 8 ft tall, slim, medium length pure blond-haired, blue-eyed ET. The man was dressed in a pale blue jump-suit and comfortable looking shoes.
    The scene inside his craft was breathtaking.

    Not sure how I got there, the “man” welcomed me with a nice firm handshake and smile as he announced that he was expecting me. Hmmm…Filled with nervous excitement and anticipation of what may happen next, I managed a thin smile back. As we stood there for a moment or two looking each other over I couldn’t help but turn my view to the immense ceiling and the room under it.

    The transparent bubble ceiling that poured itself down to floor level all around was about 60ft high at its apex and featured a view of a huge panorama of stars. There were about 8 large spars or ribs running from the floor to the apex of the bubble ceiling with two more rows running horizontally all the way around it at about 20ft increment spacings. The room itself had a faint warm glow of light around the perimeter that was pleasant to the eyes. The room’s floor was about 150ft in diameter as a full round circle, which was metallic looking and spotless.

    The only other thing in the room was a 20ft crescent shaped desk directly below the apex of the bubble ceiling. There were some small dimly lit buttons set in an array inlaid into the table top, but other than that, the desk was empty.

    Shortly after we met, the man extended an arm as if to point me in a direction I was to go. I took his lead to the side of the craft and found a doorway there that lead downward. Afraid of what be at hand, the man sensed this and reassured me that it would be okay to proceed and that nothing would happen that was bad.

    Hey…I think a lot of things are bad, but not all, so I continued down a carpeted hallway that was designed to go to a lower level. Once at the end of the hallway, we entered another room, which was brightly lit but not so much as to shock your eyes.

    Here I saw other human looking people only with light skin and dark hair, maybe three or four hovering over someone lying back on a couch-like recliner. There were at least two females and two males observing an obviously pregnant woman laying there.

    She seemed very happy with beautiful features and a pleasant grace about her face that was surrounded by silky long brunette hair. In fact everyone in the room, except for me, seemed to have this zen-like quality and grace about them. Very pleasing, I thought.

    After a few minutes I was asked to come over and meet the woman on the couch. Not wanting to be the stooge, I complied and briefly touched her extended hand as she lay there smiling at me. Then one of the female attendants came over and ushered me back to where I had been standing while another one put some sort of medical looking blanket over the woman on the couch.

    A few moments later the male attendants came from another room carrying a small plastic looking box. Then one of the female attendants stooped down to look under the cover over the woman and before I knew it, she had extracted a bouncing bundle of joy in the form of a baby boy from the woman.

    The other attendant handed a small cloth to her and then she wrapped him and laid him down gently in the box before being ushered away into another room. The little baby seemed to have the same look of peace and contenment on its face as its mother when it was brought into the light. It’s eyes closed softly, it never even made as much as a whimper when it arrived.

    The woman on the couch looked only mildly exasperated with just a few tiny beads of sweat on her head. She was smiling and seemed deeply satisfied with the way things had gone.

    Then the nordic man tapped me on the shoulder and whispered that we should go so the woman could get some rest. With that we truned and went back up the hallway to the large room again. Once there, I asked him what all that had been about?

    His reponse, “We simply wanted you to see how much we are like you, including the way we procreate. There is more that will be revealed to you soon and this is often the way we do it with other civilizations very much like yours. There will be a time when you will need to know this as your civilization and ours begin to merge on a very large scale. In a way, you are a messenger and someday the time will come for you to reveal this to the world from the comfort of your own home. The message is not as imperative to us as it will be to your civilization since there are many perils in its future that may one day lead to a beneficial intercession with our own. We hope this is not the case for the sake of your civilization, but there has been concern over its development for some time, including from others monitoring it.”

    “I see”, I said. “It looks like my life will never be the same again.” I replied.

    “Believe it or not you do have all the necessary “tools” you will need to help you in your life’s journey. You are not alone and one day you will know who the “others” are that are in your world to help you. In the meantime try not to make too much out of it and simply realize that it is all part of the natural order of things in life and something your civilization may one day greatly appreciate.” he added.

    So I asked, “Will I meet with you again?”

    “Probably not if your world is able to redevelop itself in some fashion that is in keeping with the natural order. However if this does not happen soon, then yes, there is a very good chance we will meet again”, he replied.

    With that the “event” ended as mysteriously as it began as I woke in my bed, which left me feeling just a little bewildered since what I experienced had significant relevance to another “event” that occurred a year or two earlier.

    I should add that the comment on this board about life being composed of conjunctive waveforms of energy is very insightful and important since it forms the basis of our mutual manifest destinies in this world and from outside of our world.

    I believe that the day may not be far off when we will understand fundamental energy wave relationship priniciples more deeply and discover ways to use them so that we may create synchronous pertubances in the very fabric of the space-time continuum that allows us to travel great distances through the Universe.

    Once we do, I suspect that popping in and out of anyone’s space will be an everyday thing for us just as it may be for those already there. I also think the key to those discoveries and many others is being able to admit ti ourselves that we know almost nothing at all, yet we truly yearn for the knowledge we must have to survive in a complex universe filled with mystery and wonder.

    I also don’t believe that a divine creator would have made so much beauty in the Universe for us to see firsthand without giving us the ability to do so. That’s just not right. For now I will put my faith in humanity and its ability to find a way to make this world succeed to the point that at some point we do develop a technology that may turn the entire planet into a spacecraft long before any anommalous threat can destroy it, or us for that matter. Perhaps then we will finally see the Universe through the eyes we were intended to, our own.

  4. Karen Standeford says:

    Glad to see this is not such an unusual occurrence! I used to live in Arkansas, in a teeny tiny town, and I had gone out one night to toss some stuff into the compost heap. Very dark; very clear. Suddenly, all the street lights and other lights in town blinked off, or so it seemed. Then, a very bright light appeared in the Eastern sky, came at me and passed with intense brightness and speed directly overhead. Seemed to be low, but who knows? All I saw was light! Then, gone. Street lights came back on; life continued. Never saw anything like it before or since.

  5. zuker says:

    Sounds like a Boride Meteorite. I saw one once. Giant white light that streaked across the sky before disappearing. The news reported on it the next night.

  6. SullyAg says:

    IT’S 1980

    Just sayin’ …

  7. Harold Combs says:

    What Lileks saw was almost certainly NOT a satellite because almost all satellites are launched on a west to east trajectory to take advantage of the earths rotation. There are some polar satellites that orbit mostly south to north but these could not account for James observation. Meteors are usually seen moving east to west for precisely the same reason, as the earth rotates, a rock entering the atmosphere will appear to travel east to west. What he saw may have been a meteor but until there is some verification we will have to agree that Mr. Lileks did see a UFO. I am jealous. My wife saw three triangular UFOs one night in 1994 but I have never seen anything other than meteors.

  8. krissy says:

    One night when I was 13 I was up very late, and this was shortly before the internet was around to distract. So I watched the sky from my window. I saw a huge triangular craft that sort of blended into the sky if you weren’t really looking close. Its underside looked like the night sky, and stars- but was a slightly different shade from the sky. And it was just too gigantic to be a plane or a satellite (it practically covered the sky.) Once I realized what it could be, a light shone into my room (down from my ceiling in an obviously unnatural way) and I was frozen in fear. I felt that if I could just pretend that it wasn’t there then it would go away. I got into bed and clenched my eyes shut under the covers until I passed out. The next day I was fine.

    Then a few weeks ago a friend and I saw a mysterious colored portal open up a few feet above the ground outside during the day. She saw it as blue, and I saw it as a greenish.

    When you see something as seemingly real as reality, how can you dispute it?

  9. Steve W says:

    Me and friends saw a similarly mundane UFO several years ago. We were on the beach at Eastbourne around 11pm. A red light zig-zagged from the North horizon and vanished South towards France. From horizon to horizon it took 2 or 3 seconds without sonic boom or any sound at all. As an amateur astronomers, I know that it wasn’t meteorological or a fast airplane piloted by a drunk.

    Like you, I’m mildly disappointed that it didn’t provide evidence of ET life. Still, it was memorable.


  10. Elissa says:

    On February 5th, 2009 at 7:15PM, I saw a BIG BALL OF LIGHT in the SSW sky. When did you see yours? In the morning? And are you being serious, because I AM truly trying to figure out what I saw. Are you in Minnesota? Just wondering.

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