Now you understand why it was so very wrong for Don Draper to come up with this slogan in the first ep of “Mad Men.” This is from 1919.



22 Responses to Out of Context Ad Challenge

  1. Kevin says:

    Well you got to give them some credit. Who doesn’t like toast? I’d give my left nut to smoke one of these delicious toasted cigarettes, and I’m not even a smoker.

  2. covvie says:

    So round, so firm, so fully packed. So free and easy on the draw.
    Lucky Strike means *fine* tobacco. Yes, Lucky Strike means _fine_ tobacco. Lucky Strike Green has gone to war!

    I can’t remember any more. I was a Camels guy in college, anyway. Then I grew up.

  3. covvie says:

    I can’t believe I forgot about “Speed” Riggs. “Forty two, mah mullah mullah gooah gobba dinka dinka Sold to American!” Even got into a few Warner Bros. cartoons.

  4. chrisbcritter says:

    Ofercryinoutloud, I actually got one right?!?

  5. dcmatthews says:

    You did indeed, chrisbcritter; congrats!!

  6. Ross says:

    Well, with a name like “chrisbcritter”, one would hope you got this one…

  7. Brisko says:

    Still needs maple syrup.

  8. RLR says:

    And now the factory complex that churned out so many millions of these is an office & entertainment hub:

  9. Dan Draper’s true contribution was to remind The American Tobacco Company that toasting tobacco and advertising that fact was a good idea but, stopped the company from adding butter & jam.

  10. ok, I said something that was blocked, what is up with that?

  11. short version of my “wit” that hopefully will not get blocked:

    Toasting tobacco was a good idea but, luckily they stopped short of adding butter & jam.

  12. swschrad says:

    I can’t believe you got “jam” in !

  13. MikeH says:

    Laxative Strikes means fine turds!!

    Sorry couldn’t help it.

  14. jere says:

    I buttered my toast right away this morning, but still devoured it in ten seconds before running out the door. No Heaven to speak of. Maybe my problem was that it was already light out.

  15. Emgee says:

    “Note: I’ve removed key words from the graphic.”

    You should have left in ‘toasted’ :-)

  16. Emmett Flatus says:

    The teenage boys’ version of L S M F T…

    Loose straps mean floppy tatas…or something like that.

  17. lanczos says:

    “LS/MFT — LS/MFT” – Even Don Wilson on The Jack Benny Show couldn’t have made a better ad.

  18. That was a great video, but one thing keeps bugging me… they never did say what “Lucky Strike” means. Or if they did, I missed it.

  19. Terry says:

    Lucky Strike Means Finnish Tobacco?

  20. swschrad says:

    unlucky strike is when you set your nose hair on fire from the match.

    get somebody sober to torch up that heater.

  21. browniejr says:

    @covvie: A Jam Handy Production!!
    This one makes me feel “squishy” (around 10:00)

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