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Sounds almost Yiddish, doesn’t it? Schwinn. Go HERE.


UPDATE: Hold on. I forgot to enter the text. NEVERMIND. Patience.

UPDATE THE SECOND: It’s good now. This message will self-destruct in 2 hours.


42 Responses to Comic Ads: Wow Gosh it’s a Schwinn

  1. dcmatthews says:

    “Gambles-Skogmo” – wow, and I thought “Skaggs Albertsons” was a gutsy name! (Grocery chain I first encountered when I moved to Florida in the ’70s. They dropped the name “Skaggs” some years ago and are simply known as “Albertsons” now.)

  2. franklin says:

    Wow, that New Departure ad is old. Inch pitch (& probably 1-7/16″ threading) sprocket, brass oiler . . . 1932?

  3. Steve Keeley says:

    Let me be the first to mention that #8 has the wrong text; it was recycled from a cereal givaway. I was quite flummoxed before I figured that out.

    These ads brought back dormant memories of the bike I had when I briefly lived in the suburbs (Bayshore, Long Island). It was a Selbur. I’ll have to do a web search on that name now…

  4. Quiet Desperation says:

    What’s it going to take to get you into the saddle of this beauty, son?

    The poor kids had to get the model without handlebars and the “non persons” saddle. The delta headlight would have been cool if it could strobe with an intensity that stunned the other kids on the street into seizures. And putting it on the wheel guard made the headlight steerable. If this ad predates 1948, they had Preston Tucker beat to that punch.

    Wait… the *boy* bike was flamboyant red? What kind of subversive commie pinko plot was this bike? Next thing you know little Johnny is lusting after impure muscle cars, listening to ragtime and rolling up a pack of smokes in his shirt sleeve.

  5. boblipton says:

    My parents bought us Rudges. Of course all the cool kids had the bicycles with the handlebars that went way up in the air and split, and bannanna seats. And plastic tassels coming out of the handle grips.


  6. Marjorie J. Birch says:

    Still love my purple Schwinn.

    But what was it with these bug-eyed kids? Were they sampling Mom’s diet pills?

  7. Ah yes, the “rear expander.” That’s my trouble too. But I don’t take out an ad extolling it.

  8. Mike In Cleveland says:

    Stll waiting for uppdate the third to fix the Bob Hope reference.

  9. Jose says:

    Ah, the days! When bikes had headlamps and fenders and chain guards… now we’re a lifetime into the future and we’re supposed to happily enjoy having mud and runoff and chain grease flung onto us… hmmm. OTOH those things were probably some heavy suckers compared with anyting of more modern construction.

  10. Lars Walker says:

    My folks bought my brother and me one of those Gambles Hiawatha models, largely as penance for some stuff I won’t get into here. Of course there were 2 of us, and only one new bike. That meant one of us had to ride the old bike left over from my dad’s generation, that had been gathering straw dust in a shed for 30 years. That one was generally me.

    The Hiawatha came with cool streamers on the hand grips, too. They lasted about a week.

  11. HunkyBobTX says:

    Wow! Look at all you get!
    handlebar grips!
    inner tubes!

    Yes, pay for it over four years, learn to be a good little debtor!

  12. Jan says:

    Wow, it would be something to see my favorite movie and television stars on bikes…because they’re all dead.

  13. MikeH says:

    I grew up with Huffy, psuedo moto cross model. Beat the hell out of it for years. Got stolen in Jr. high when I only put a padlock on the spoke and the rack. Didn’t care, got enough use out of it.

  14. Wramblin' Wreck says:

    Those early ’60s red and white seats were killers!! Amazingly uncomfortable. How many naugas died to make these seats?

  15. chrisbcritter says:

    Cool stuff indeed. I’ve got a couple slides of me from 1965 taken on my first bright red and white Sears bike with a Band-Aid on my elbow from falling off on my first ride – and a genuine Mattel V-r-r-r-o-o-o-m! motor on the frame (it didn’t power the bike, it just added sound effects).

  16. Cassandra says:

    And people still think the “pony bike” is a good idea…I saw an ad for an outfit that makes them in a magazine just last week. *shudder*

  17. Kev says:

    They dropped the name “Skaggs” some years ago and are simply known as “Albertsons” now.

    Were it only that simple. Skaggs and Albertsons went their separate ways (late ’70s?), with Skaggs becoming Skaggs Alpha Beta for a while. Eventually, the Skaggs stores were bought out by Jewel Osco in the early ’90s, and those stores here in Texas were bought out by…Albertsons, which eventually bought Jewel Osco’s parent company, American Stores, as well, thus reuniting the original company under the Albertsons name. (More history than you’d ever want to know here.)

  18. Tim says:

    I think of two things: Pee Wee Herman,

    and regarding the ‘horse head’ bike add on…
    “Johnny Fontaine isn’t getting that part! Period!”


  19. @Lars Walker – the story here was similar. My sisters all got brand-new Schwinn Fair Lady bikes from the Schwinn dealer, and I got… an AMF Roadmaster Renegade from FedMart. Not that I still dwell on this or anything… ;)

    Actually, the AMF was a decent bike that served honorably under difficult conditions, and it survived the “5-foot-tall sissy bar under the 4-foot-tall monkey bars” incident, and the “I guess I didn’t tighten the front wheel nuts” incident, and other childhood shenanigans.

    Two decades later, I finally did get a genuine Schwinn (well, a stripped-down genuine Schwinn frame, at least), and built it up into a rather enjoyable ride (seen back at the website at

    And the Persons brand was quite notable for bike seats for many years, and is still around (


  20. the modern serf says:

    You know that Stinsonite reflector is just going to get drunk and fall right off.

  21. I’m “amused” at how many of these ads emphasize that the reason to get a new bike is so that other kids will envy you. You don’t need a bike, you just need the envy.
    Once I got a cool bike that other kids did envy. It was chrome plated all over and had shock absorbers. A bully envied me so much he beat me up and smashed it before he gave it back.

  22. Julia says:

    I Googled it and it’s a brand name:

  23. Kurt says:

    You can still get a classic Schwinn, although they are a bit more expensive now.

  24. shesnailie says:

    _@_v – the text for bike ad #8 seems like dejavu all over again…

  25. Baby M says:

    I had a Schwinn Lemon Peeler with mag wheels and a five-speed slot shifter.

    It was the 70s. Need I explain further?

  26. bgbear says:

    one of my favorite used bikes was so old that it had wooden handlegrips. I cannot how old it was.

    I actually had one of those three speed bikes they gave away on Wonderama. Ross Apollo 3 speed.

  27. ssmart says:

    Used to drive my folks nuts. I’d plead for a new bike. They’d buy it. I ride it around for a few days to show my love of them. Then after a week, in the garage we went. Fenders came off. Light came off. Rail gard and tank came off. Now I had a lean mean racin’ machine. It was not considered ‘cool’ to ride a bike as the ads showed them. Beat the H out of them, really.

    Pretty soon they caught on, and it was no more Schwinn’s, and more J.C.Whitneys and Gamble models.

  28. Mxymaster says:

    Those boys are pretty scary. Some of them are posted in ways that…well, I’d wipe them off your hard drive, JL.

    So that was Major Kong as a boy on #2, huh?

  29. Dr. Bobbs says:

    In the ad, the kid’s hand is positioned in a kind of inverted Vulcan salute.

  30. rivlax says:

    I was the subversive in my neighborhood. In 1957, on my 10th birthday, I got a three-speed “English Racer,” the first one on my block. It was an exotic thing in that era. People just couldn’t fathom not having foot brakes. I had been riding my 20-year-old cousin’s rusty Schwinn hand-me-down, with the seat springs and large tank under the bar, but my new snazzy import stole my heart.

  31. RP says:

    I believe that “Delta” headlight refers to being shaped like a Delta rocket. This was the Right-Stuff era…

  32. Emily says:

    Can I rant for a second? Why do the bicycles today have to have such overdone paint jobs? I’ve seen girl’s bikes that look like the Disney princesses had too fun of a girls’ night out and decided to vandalize the toy section.

  33. jamcool says:

    I remember Gambles being a competitor to Western Auto…stores mostly in small towns

  34. GardenStater says:

    Since we have a misplaced caption here, maybe we’ll end up with one of the missing Official Solutions in a future post….

  35. LASteve says:

    What is the date of this advertisement and the era of this bike being available?


    That text looks a bit recycled, if you’ll pardon me for saying so.

  37. JMHawkins says:

    Regarding the time frame of this ad – is it the 60′s or the 50′s? I ask because one of the other products offered is a Gil McDougald glove. McDougald was an all-star infielder for the New York Yankees during the 50′s. 1960 was his last year in the big leagues. 1961 was also the year the Washington Senators became the Minnesota Twins. By 1962 at least I’d assume a Gil Mcdougald glove wouldn’t be the biggest seller in a Mpls store.

  38. Sue Dunham says:

    Yes, I found it interesting that Schwinn stores offered payment plans. And were they like a car dealership, just selling one brand?

  39. DryOwlTacos says:

    Baby M :I had a Schwinn Lemon Peeler with mag wheels and a five-speed slot shifter.
    It was the 70s. Need I explain further?

    Mine was the Orange Crate. It replaced my purple Stingray that was stolen, but I never liked it as much as the Stingray.

  40. Ross says:

    “…OTOH those things were probably some heavy suckers compared with anyting of more modern construction.”
    Yes, indeed, Jose. But, frankly, unless you’re training or actually racing, that extra weight was worth it for the stability(it’s why cops ride hogs & not rice-burners). My older sister had a big, blue boat of a Schwinn–that “Fleet” model, I think. If one of us got stuck bringing home a real load of groceries, that’s the bike we used.

  41. E says:

    For the record, a day late and dollar short – we just dug out the old Schwinn Chik bike for my daughter last night. I bought this for my niece at a used bike sale about 10 yrs ago, then saved it when she outgrew it for my own kiddo. This is an awesome bike. My niece cried when she outgrew it, my daughter has completely fallen in love with it. I don’t have any pictures of it yet, but found some here This is an awesome bike. They just don’t make them like this any more.

  42. AA says:

    Deluxe Finger Grips.

    From the looks of it, the boy appearing in the ad would require Sleestak Finger Grips.

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