. . . or something like that. THE BLEAT HAS MOVED BACK to its old locale. I’ve made good on my threat. I think I’m done with wordpress, or any other form of blogging software. Oh, it’s not that it wasn’t easy; it was. It’s not that I couldn’t make it look clean and simple: obviously, I can. But it just looks like everything else. Maybe I’m just tired of being nagged about installing WordPress or upgrading all ten plugins or logging in every two weeks or wishing I had local copies of everything or this, or that . . .

But I do know I’ve made more work for myself, and I don’t care. Oh, and we’re losing “categories.” Let’s all deal with this together.

The new site – which is the old original URL – has comments, by the way. I’ll leave comments open here in case anyone wants to say farewell or can’t get to the new comments system for whatever reason. Give me a fortnight to shake it all out, and don’t expect brilliance; I had a huge, huge redesign all ready to go, and scrapped it tonight after walking outside and looking at the leaves on the lawn. This meant redoing all the rollover buttons, too.

Didn’t mind a bit. Go HERE.


62 Responses to Forward to the Past

  1. Iig says:

    [Hmmm... I left a comment a few days ago, it got snagged for moderation, and has been devoured, apparently. Let me try with a very old email and see if that works.]

    You’re not getting rid of me that easy. ;)

  2. Iig says:

    It worked! I guess my other email just doesn’t pass muster. =( Oh well, now I know. I ain’t going anywhere without Lileks (e famile).

  3. shesnailie says:

    _@_v – fun news on the occupy wall street protests both the american nazi party and the communist party u.s.a. have endorsed the protests. it’s like cats and dogs living together!

  4. Ross says:

    That is just…mind-boggling. Reminds me of the circus that grew out of the ‘Mur-can Nazi plan to march through Skokie, IL, back in the ’70s.
    Oh, she(may I call you ‘she’? perhaps not), I wish you could find an liveable way to the new comments–it’s not the same w/o your sliminess(and I mean that in the most complimentary way)…

    Very good, indeed. Sometimes you baffle me, but more often I just giggle at inappropriate times recalling some bon mot of yours.

  5. Kim says:

    @swchrad How did I forget that Lance was on the site!!! Thanks for reminding me : )

  6. Bob says:

    I find OGH’s transition back to the old format frustrating. Not gonna do discus, and when I read his site on an iPad it keeps asking for Flash. That was okay back when it was just the ephemeral sites, but now… Bummer. Don’t understand why that is given OGH is an Apple fanboi. Oh, and to make matters worse, my work IT department has now blocked nearly all blogs, including Lileks.com, so no more lunchtime lileks. So… Probably checking in a lot less, unfortunately. Thanks, it was nice while it lasted.

  7. shesnailie says:

    _@_v – didn’t a couple of hasidic diamond merchants from chicago drive an old mount prospect police cruiser through the waffenboy wanna-bes as they were marching over a bridge? if i recall their address was 1060 west addison…

  8. swschrad says:

    @shesnailie: if they didn’t, they should have. Waffen staff cars drove over crowds often enough.

  9. shesnailie says:

    _@_v – funny… but waffen vehicles seem to break down whilst traveling on russian terrain…

    and when rumbling through peter rabbit country.

  10. Ross says:

    Very funny, but a little confusing, as both sides are using Wehrmacht gear. Shouldn’t MacGergor have beeen driving a Challenger or Crusader, or the like?

  11. shesnailie says:

    _@_v – i dunno… mil-geeks on another site with that story posted have noted that mr mcgregor’s tank is really a mis-identified russian t-38

  12. Ross says:

    Ah, well that makes much more sense(esp given the comically vicious attitude of the characters toward each other).

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