Agnes handed the camera to a fellow - we only see his hat - and for all we know he was a stranger, passing through town, and currently resides in a scrapbook in the basement of a house in Illinois. Where this was taken, I’m not sure. It’s not Harwood, since downtown Harwood - such as it was - didn’t have another side of the street. It had train tracks. Paved sidewalks? New buildings? Probably Fargo, although I think that downtown Fargo had paved streets by the 20s.

In a curious portent of her daughter’s husband’s business decades hence, Agnes appears to be standing in front of a gas pump of some kind.

Grandpa Victor looks like a gangster. To modern eyes, the combination of a hat and a sneer lends a certain malice that’s not altogether unpleasant, at least if it’s not standing over you wiping off the brass knuckles.