Walt did love his robots, and this was a place to give people a look at their inevitable overlords.
The stages stand still and the audiences revolve: it's a wonder no one thought of that before.
For a while, it seemed, the robots were known as Audio-Animatronic, not just animatronic. This, of course, is the Great Big Wonderful Tomorrow, a litmus test for people whose cynicism has corrupted them entirely, and can no longer experience untainted the yearnings of other ages.
The (Thing) of (Things) formulation seemed common in those days; it bestowed gravitas on the place, as it was imbued with ancient glory and solemn tradition.
Translation: a light show.
NOW we're talking progress.

The all-electric city! The Medallion, in case you're wondering, is this thing:

Don't you want to be all-electric? Wouldn't Walt want you to be?