I suppose this would be the place for a thoughtful little essay on how music changed in the sixties, how different styles coexisted on the radio, how easy-listening was the last bastion of the aging Greatest Generation’s ossifying tastes, and all that.

But you didn’t click on a site about music to read words. Suffice to say it was probably the most eclectic decade of the 20th century, for good and for ill. These pages contain interesting songs - not necessarily great ones, but interesting ones. Some songs I love. Some I can't stand. But a promise: not the usual suspects.

  1960 - BING & POPS : PREACHER The old guard is still around.  
  1961 - KEELY & LOUIS: SENTIMENTAL Imagine Don Draper getting smashed to this.  
  1962 - ANITA O'DAY A voice from a previous era.  
  1963 -    
  1964 -    
  1965 -    
  1966 - THOR'S HAMMER : IF YOU KNEW    
  1967 : LINGALINGA How I love this one.  
  1968 - KALEIDOSCOPE - JENNY ARTICHOKE Jangly catchy Toytown pop. Go ahead, play it twice.  
  1969 -