Nice design, Bob. You're on fire lately. The first split-level was great, but this one's fantastic. What are we calling it?

The Pasadena.

Perfect. California style with just a little touch of the Swiss. I got to say, though, you're looking a bit peaked. Working too hard?

Nah. I was up late.

Anything wrong?

No. Daughter was out late. She's got a boyfriend, and I don't like him. I don't suppose any father ever does, at first.

Is is a roughneck? A punk? He's - he's not. . .

No, no, WMA all the way. They were out until two - or so I thought. Turns out they were in the driveway for an hour. Talking, she told me later. Just talking. Sure. I thought, if I'd been able to see the car, I could tell her that she wasn't talking at all.

Ah. Got it.


Well, got to get -

You like this window here by the garage?

Yeah, nice touch.

I added that this morning.