"Why?" he snapped." I'll tell you why."

SSSH! The children!

"Well maybe it's time they heard this as well. I'm not putting up with it for another moment. I've bit my tongue too often. You're not bringing that vase into this house."

What's wrong with it?

"What's wrong? That you have to even ask what's wrong, well, that's what's wrong with it and with you and I should have known when you wanted the leaded-style pane front entrance door."

What's the matter with that? I thought you liked it.

"I said nothing to make you happy. I knew there was just nothing you could do with someone who believed diagonal psuedo-historical leaded panes on the window went with the relentless horozontal nature of the the rest of the house. If you couldn't see that there's no way I could open your eyes."

You're not well.

Oh I'm perfectly fine.