"The universal air will vibrate with their promise of things better far than we have known."

Vultee? Yes. The founder, Mr. Vultee, was killed in a plane crash in 1937, when he flew into a snowstorm and then flew into a mountain.

The company later merged and became Convair, a famous name in aviation until it was "deactivated" as a legal entity by General Dynamics.

Nice looking plane. The art was by John Falter, who was a Navy man and avid producer of war art. Wikipedia:

"In 1943, he enlisted in the Navy and was rapidly promoted from chief boatswain's mate to lieutenant on special assignment as an artist. His final rank was Chief Petty Officer. His talents were applied to the American war effort to spur on recruiting drives. Falter designed over 300 recruiting posters. One popular Falter poster dealt with the loose-lips-sink-ships theme. It showed a broad-shouldered Navy man with the caption, "If you tell where he's going, he may never get there."