. . but first, another word about these excellent refrigerators!

Behold the reason for this booklet: selling Paramount Pictures products and Norge fridges. Let's meet our first and only male actor in this booklet, and read what his wikipedia entry has to say:

Born Leonce Errol Sims in Sydney, he managed a traveling vaudeville troupe and gave a young comedian named Roscoe Arbuckle his first professional opportunity. . . . Errol made a successful transition to films in a variety of comedy roles (over 150 films from 1923). His comic trademark was a wobbly, unsteady walk, moving as though his legs were made of rubber; this bit served him well in drunk routines.

The Foster Brooks of his day. Three Little Swigs was a 1933 short, described as “Leon tries to stay sober at his own anniversary party.” The clip used to be up online, but it was yanked. To the left, another sample of his work.