Had a good run with Lloyd, appeared in Wings - not too many made it that high in the business. Talkies weren't kind, though. She had a lisp.

Did a movie with Rin Tin Tin, and then was busted in 1930 for appearing in a play called "Bad Babies," a work judged indecent. As the Stanford Daily said at the time:

It is "daring" yet naive, and from this it derives a realism that is very striking. The characters are convincing because they are only sickenly foolish, frightened, blustering adolescents. . . . But underneath this melodrama, lies reality. The play is an indictment against newspapers, against the modern home. against schools even, for allowing boys and girls to be such morons, and it is this inferred indictment, which gives power to the play.

Doesn't sound that bad.