The "Most Beautiful Girl in Amerca," said artist Pennhyn Stanlaws. Around 1925 she started having "artistic differences" with directors, which is never a good sign. She was offered a part in "Ben-Hur" - turned it down. Too serious! She prefered the light flapper roles.

Eventually they dried up. And then:

By the early 1940s, Bellamy's career had virtually ended. She garnered considerable media attention when, on January 20, 1943, she was arrested in San Francisco and charged with assault with a deadly weapon after firing a .32 caliber revolver at her former lover, wealthy lumber executive Albert Stanwood Murphy, three times. Bellamy had been having an affair with Murphy for five years before he ended the relationship in October 1942. After learning that Murphy had married former model June Almy shortly after their break up, Bellamy traveled to San Francisco to confront him and "... make him suffer somehow.

She missed, and didn't do any time. One other fun detail:

Bellamy's only marriage was to bond broker Logan F. Metcalf. They married in Tijuana on January 24, 1928. They separated four days later. Metcalf filed for divorce claiming that while the two were on honeymoon, Bellamy had refused to speak to him because of his fondness for eating ham and eggs which she considered "plebeian".

What a sweetheart.