One of my favorites.I have this ad - the actual article, not a repro - framed and hanging in my kitchen on Girard in Minneapolis. The copy is about as twenties as it gets, too:

“How wonderful it is that in the delicious bowl of crisp Post Toasties you enjoy so much there’s more than flavor!

How confusing it is that in the wordy copy of the dense Post Toasties ad you read so much that something or other! Yes, it's a cereal that’s not only delicious, but easy to digest. They were very interested in foods that were digestible back then; the old days of a bowl of iron shavings laced with clotted lava had been repudiated by Modern Science. No, you’ll want the Wake-Up Food! Say good-bye to cereals that just made you want to go to bed, or required you to sit in a dark closet trying to squeeze that bowl of Frosted Tar through your bowels. How wonderful it is!