Aileen Pringle didn’t have to marry for money; she was born to a wealthy family. Then she married another rich guy, Charles McKenzie Pringle. She got into acting, and perhaps her social standing helped her enter the right circles - she was on board the Onieda the night Thomas Ince died - but she also sounds like something of a snob. Wikipedia:

"Pringle's acting career continued throughout the early 1920s, however, she was allegedly disliked by many of her co-workers for her apparently haughty and dismissive behavior. At one point she allegedly threatened actor Conrad Nagel with physical violence after he was instructed in a scene to carry her. Pringle's apparent disdain for her profession began to hurt her career, and by the late 1920s her roles became fewer.

"Although disliked by some Hollywood insiders, Aileen Pringle was often dubbed by the press as the "Darling of the Intelligentsia" because of her close friendship with such literary figures as Carl Van Vechten, Joseph Hergesheimer, Rupert Hughes, and H. L. Mencken who became a life-long friend of the actress.Ralph Barton, American artist, was also a devoted friend and used her as the model for Dorothy in his illustrations for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes by Anita Loos. Another admirer was George Gershwin who met her in Hollywood and wrote much of the Second Rhapsody at her Santa Monica, California home.Her wit, keen intellect and sparkling personality made her a sought-after companion."

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