Here she wears the dress described in the poem on the previous page. But what's it about? Wikipedia:

Kiki is a Parisian salesgirl who has a heart of gold, but a big temper going with it. She scams her way in a revue and lands a job of a chorus girl. The first night, however, she gets into a fight with the show's star Paulette, who is married to Victor Renal, the director. When Paulette personally gets her fired, Renal feels sorry for her and takes her out on dinner. When Paulette finds out, she jealously asks Renal's best friend Baron Rapp out on a date at the same restaurant. Determined to humiliate her, she serves Kiki a lot of alcohol.

And so on and so on. It's a comedy! That's why they promoted the hell out of it; people wanted her to do the serious heart-tugging roles, and had to be assured this departure was boffo and a can't miss dee-light.

It tanked.